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Birth Services
dot Northwestern Wisconsin - The Birth Cottage is located in Springbrook, WI

Initial Consultation
During your first visit we encourage you to ask many questions. If you aren't sure what to ask, consider these questions: questions to ask

If you have concerns and challenges in your life regarding your pregnancy, we have resources to offer to help you make decisions.

There is no charge for the initial consultation (first visit).

Call to schedule an appointment: Lindy (715) 645-0392
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Prenatal Care
You are invited to bring the important people in your life to your visits and questions are encouraged.

Throughout your pregnancy we will meet with you regularly to assess your health and your baby's well being. Prenatal visits include ample time to discuss your questions and concerns as well as your hopes and dreams. Your birth plans are discussed, and timely information is given to you about your pregnancy.

The number and frequency of visits is determined by what your specific needs are. Generally, prenatal visits are every 4 weeks for the first 7 months, every 2 weeks during the eighth month and then every week until your birth.

Labor and Birth
During your labor and birth you will receive caring, experienced and professional care. You and your baby will be quietly assessed on an ongoing basis, recognizing that the birth is your experience. Lindy and Dionne are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation with an emphasis on out of hospital births.

Postpartum Care
When your baby is born and in the hours immediately following, both you and your baby will be assessed while recognizing the importance of family bonding. Before leaving your home, or, before you leave for home if you have birthed at The Farmhouse or The Birth Cottage, the midwives will be assured that you are safe and comfortable, and that your baby has breastfed. To support you during the transitions of the postpartum period, You will receive follow-up visits at 1 week, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks at the midwives' office.

Lifelong Friends
We look forward to many long years of friendship and seeing your children grow up.


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