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Placenta Encapsulation
Placentas have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, longer than modern medicine has existed. It has been continued to be used due to an abundance of great properties believed to make a huge difference to a new mother’s health, recovery and well being.

Many cultures find it customary to prepare the placenta for the mother or are known to consume part or all of the placenta. They believe the placenta to be rich in nutrients that will greatly assist the mother to recover from childbirth, including slowing and stopping haemorrhaging during childbirth and helping with milk supply.

Some women use their encapsulated placentas for hormonal balancing even after the postpartum period.

We prepare your placenta, dehydrate it thoroughly, and encapsulate it for your use only.

We, or our associates also offer pre-pregnancy counseling, wellness consultations, herbal and homeopathic assistance, ultrasound technology, body casting, prenatal care, clinic and homebirth, and end of life care.

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