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We bring a widely diverse accumulation of experiences to assist you in having the safe, family centered birth you envision.

Lindy Casey Lindy Casey, CPM, LM has been attending births since 1981 in the Metro Las Vegas, Nevada area. She has worked in hospital, free-standing birthcenter and home settings and has attended well over 1000 births.

In 2005 Lindy moved to Wisconsin to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the North Woods. She became licensed to practice midwifery in Wisconsin in 2007.

Lindy CaseyDionne Corcoran, CPM, LM, is a graduate of Southwest Technical College and has earned an Associate Degree in Midwifery. She has worked in free-standing birthcenter and home settings and has attended well over 300 births.

Dionne has extensive experience working with a diverse population, including Amish and Mennonites.

If you are looking for our past students, associates or visiting midwives:

Laura Berg: living in Northern Minnesota. She attends births, enjoys the North Shore of Lake Superior, and is available on a limited basis for births in other areas.

Christina Casey: living in the greater Joplin, MO area (715) 558-8189. She serves the Amish communities in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas as well as providing Placenta Encapsulation, energy treatments and other services.

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