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Lindy Casey and Dionne Corcoran are nationally Certified Professional Midwives and Licensed Midwives in the state of Wisconsin.

Why have a home or birth center birth?

A calm, familiar environment is the most natural setting for a birth.
There are no strangers, no “shift changes”, no arbitrary time limits,
no routine technological procedures, and no medical interferences.

Being more relaxed contributes to shorter, easier labors, increased maternal confidence, and improved outcomes for both mother and child.

Home birth (your home or ours) provides far more control and many more choices for a birthing woman, choices which are designed for the woman’s well-being and comfort, not for the convenience of a doctor or obstetrical staff.

It has been well-documented that home birth is a safe choice for healthy, low-risk women. There is significantly less risk of infection and hemorrhage. Assisting the mother to birth without injury or trauma is a priority; routine episiotomy is never performed, thus eliminating a great deal of post-delivery discomfort.

Costs are significantly lower (some insurance companies cover midwifery costs). We offer a sliding fee scale for those paying by cash, credit card or PayPal - please ask!

Mothers and babies are not separated at home births.

Birth at home is an intimate, peaceful and joyous affirmation of family.

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